A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

Christina DeVita

Christina DeVita

We knew from the first week that we were right where we belonged

Words cannot adequately express our gratitude for your skilled and heart-led guidance through this program. We knew from the first week that we were right where we belonged…with one another, and with you as our guide.

Surprisingly, the format worked really well for us.  We were both excited about the chance to do the work but dreading the format…neither one of us loves technology and neither of us does any social media. 

However, the video delivery was smooth and easy, the exercises clear and easy to follow.  We felt confident about your expertise and your care for us and the group.  And we found ourselves willing to participate, even with other couples/individuals on the call.  Your program skillfully navigated us through, from connection, to communication, to looking back to trigger empathy, to conflict work, to secrets, to sex and connection…full circle! We felt safe in your care.

Thank you for gently helping us to re-find one another and to see each other as the perfect mirror for our own needed growth. The fullness of our relationship is now within our sight!

Thank you Bruce, thank you.

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