A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

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Within the first 2 weeks I started to see changes.

I joined the course solo and was sceptical about how I alone could turn around my relationship which for 14 years was on the brink of breakdown.

We were both moving in opposite directions and just waiting to move on in our lives. I was desodorier something to change and need help desperately but never in a million years thought that in a short space of time I alone could turn things around so dramatically.

I whole heartedly thank Bruce for this course and tools he tought.

To be honest within the first 2 weeks I started to see changes as a result of implementing the tools and after discovering the reflective conversation tool my relationship changed dramatically!

We are now connected, in-love again, want to spend time with each other, started to actually open up without fear of being judged and if things start to get into an argument I have to tools to deesscilate.

We havnt had another full blown argument since I started the course.

Big Thank you Bruce credit is all to you! I believe being alone on the course was a benefit because I wasn’t relying on my husband to do his part!

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