A Success StorY From A GRADUATE OF The Conflict Cure

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7 short weeks later my wife calls me ‘her man’.

My wife asked me for a separation 9 weeks ago. I said no or I knew we were finished. She found this online course and said she would commit to the 7 weeks.

We worked at it diligently and put other things aside for the sake of our children.

We had worked with two marriage counselors over the past 10 years and were familiar with the 5 Languages of Love, Susan Johnson’s work with attachment theory etc.

It all made sense but nothing really changed in our relationship. We were still deeply unhappy and just felt ‘we had married the wrong person’.

With your course, 7 short weeks later my wife calls me ‘her man’ and I feel real love for her for the first time in years.

We are excited by our new tools, language, and learning.

You have something that makes it all work. By observation, I would say it is not only the skill that you bring to the Marital Therapy arena but something more powerful.

I believe it is a congruence of belief, speech, and action.

By this, I mean that to have the positive kind of influence that you have, you must own an unshakably held core belief-that couples in most instances can not only ‘work it out’ but be thrilled with the partner that once was the object of a seething resentment.

You really and truly believe it yourself.

This is powerful. It cannot be faked and the motive behind the results is a pure one. It is not the money but a passion for good relationships that drives you.

This combined with genuine enthusiasm toward those relationships, skilled pedagogical technique, fantastic materials, and insight all make for a program that CANNOT be overlooked by anyone interested in a better relationship.

My only caveat is that these techniques are so powerful that dishonest men and women can misuse them to make anyone they choose to fall in love with them!

So thank you, Bruce, for so diligently pursuing your life’s passion.

The family is the bedrock of society and your work is saving and enriching that bedrock. This is truly an enduring legacy.

Keep up the great work!

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