Carmelo Paoa

Doing the course has enabled me to learn a lot more about myself and my spouse.

Has given us more stability in our relationship with less propensity to be at each other’s throat.

I have learnt how to love and show empathy in a way that my spouse understands.

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Wendy Tuckett

As a person in the final stages of divorce when I embarked on the program, sex has always been a source of confusion.

Bruce’s information, resources and sessions shed a lot of light in this area for me and put into perspective male and female dynamics and I look forward to maybe one day in the future meeting a person that I can build a healthy, respectful, joyful, loving relationship with, much better equipped with the tools to be successful next time. 

Thank you Bruce

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Wilma Pike

I find Bruce’s coaching program very transformational and healing!

He provides very relevant content and practical tools we can readily grab for self-help. His approach and methodologies as a coach are empowering and enabling that stem from a place of love, authenticity and compassion. He models transparency, healthy boundaries and empowering vulnerability.

With him as your coach, my husband and I feel we are not only surviving but also and more importantly flourishing safely and lovingly.

My husband and I are grateful by how Bruce has helped us shift and move from the power struggle stage to the commitment and Bliss stages in our relationship.

Huge thanks  Bruce!!! I see abundance of clients and love coming to you!

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Niki Koutsouridis

Bruce’s course has been absolutely eye opening– his wisdom and coaching tools has been invaluable!

I’ve learnt so much about myself and my partner which is a treasure we will keep for life.

Thank you so much Bruce, cannot thank you enough!


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Steve Rogers

Great News!! Two months ago I would have told you that my marriage was not salvageable; that too many bad things have been said and done.  That we are just not good for each other and that our relationship was toxic.  Twenty years of trying and we were still having the same issues with not much improvement. 

I had a realtor, I was looking for places to live and I had a lawyer that I finally got an appointment with.  I was already scoping out other possible relationships, however, I knew that I needed time on my own not another relationship.  I was just married to the wrong person; I was pretty convinced of that.  We had not been intimate in basically two years and I was sleeping in a separate room.  I said though that I still believed in miracles.

So one morning about two months ago, I remembered to turn my will and my life over to a power greater than myself and I had done this many times in the past. But this day, my wife asked me if I would be willing to watch a webinar on relationships and that maybe it would help us get along better after we separated, to be better co-parents, so I agreed.  I wanted to be friends if possible.  I just felt like I could not give my wife what she needed, we couldn’t work together and couldn’t talk about our issues without it blowing up.  I wanted both of us to be happy and if we couldn’t be happy together then I would want us to be happy apart.   

So we watch this free webinar with this guy Bruce Muzik.  He said he had a hard 1st marriage and it drove him to seek out relationship “gurus” and read all the books and learned what went wrong.  He was saying things that I recognized like when he was talking about hailstorms and turtles; that is from Imago (Harville Hendrix). 

He basically described what we are going through like it was just a normal thing that happens in relationships.  I started thinking that maybe there was hope for our relationship. I should also add that both of us came from families affected by addiction 2 generations ago. So we both had lot of unhealthy relationship skills, but we were both working on it, although it didn’t seem to help our marriage. 

Anyway we watch this webinar together and it was good information and I could tell he knew his stuff, because I had also read a lots of relationship books and went to lots of workshops and counselors. He is really down to earth and genuine

So of course there was the sales pitch at the end….. if you sign up with the next 30 minutes you get $100 off and a free lifetime membership….. all that stuff to create urgency.  And I said to my wife, “Are you sure you want to do this? This is a marriage rescue program.” 

We were both at a place where we thought it was over and didn’t want to risk getting back into the same stuff.  But hey this I was thinking might be that miracle I said I was open to.  So we decided to do it. I like the name of it: Love at First Fight. 

And I knew based on all the cash we spend on workshops and coaches and all that stuff that it was a good price and investment in our marriage… even if it didn’t work out in the end.  It costs about the price for one or possibly two hours with a good divorce lawyer, except it is an 8-week course. 

It was the same price as my Costco bill; that place, I tell yeah. So we did it. 

I kind of see this as a metastudy.  All the best marriage practices, advice and techniques in one program.

And for the last two months things have been much better.  I will say there is a lot of soul searching and self-discovery work in it and we are definitely behind, but we are working it.  We even went on a date last night to a nice restaurant, a piano bar that serves tapas.  First date in 2 years probably

That is serious progress for us.  And any program is helpful if time and effort is put into it.  And yes it really helps if both people work the program, but if that is not possible, even if one person does it and the other person sees a change that may make them think a better relationship is possible and things can get better. 

The point is, that even if you feel like your marriage can not possibly be salvaged, you could be wrong like I was. 

The bottom line is that all our issues are actually about our needs not being met. The things that really make us mad is almost never really about our partner; it is about a need we have that we expect them to know about and fulfill.

The more we understand our own needs and our partners needs the better our relationship will be.  The crazy and awesome part is that by is stretching to meet our partner’s needs we actually grow those undeveloped parts of ourselves. 

We can actually help heal our partner and grow at the same time. It’s a beautiful thing. Mature love is the ultimate goal. 

Bruce brings all of the best marriage practices into one program. 

I highly recommend this program for any marriage that isn’t everything you hoped it would be and for people that think their marriage was a mistake or is hopeless and irreconcilable. 

Give it go, it is totally worth it.

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Krista Hawkins

I love the program, and if used fully, and the issues are talked through and applied as we are taught.

If you are open and honest and address your issues and understand and listen. This will work.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of this coaching program and would recommend it to everyone.

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Vicki Hamilton

Better me, better him, BETTER US: marriage back on track

My husband and I knew we loved each other BUT couldn’t work out why we were fighting so much & slowly disconnecting.

It would usually end in loud accusing voices and blaming each other, and just walking away…until the next time….

Things were gradually getting worse affecting not only us, but our beautiful daughter.

The universe landed me on Bruce’s page…I loved the intro video so much, I immediately shared it with my husband, who was also impressed & that was the beginning of our new beginning.

After taking the course with Bruce, we now have a better understanding of WHY we each act the way we do.

A complete game changer….

This knowledge, along with some connection and communication skills, has helped us to finally get back to being kind, loving & understanding towards each other.

We are no longer taking what each other does/says personally because we understand how our personality types figure into our actions.

We can STOP PAUSE THINK RESET…move on…it’s great.

Not only does Bruce have the knowledge, but his sense of humour, delivery & most importantly, Passion for helping…amazing man.

This course should be mandatory in school….everybody & every relationship would benefit greatly AND then maybe the world would be a better place to be in….

We will keep the exercises & relearn when needed…we will forever have Bruce in our lives….

I couldn’t recommend this course enough…if trouble is looming…get into this immediately…things change from the very 1st words

Thx Bruce xxx

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Harry Boerdam

We have been in a fighting relationship for many years now and have tried marriage counselling a couple of times and have read many books on the subject .

Nothing really worked or resonated with me until my wife found Bruce’s Love at First Fight 7 week program.

I have now finished the 7 weeks and I have discovered so much about myself and my partner. The 7 weeks are well structured and include exercises which that slow down the fighting and prepare you with a vision for a future that is full of love, adventure and good times. 

I am able to recognise the fighting patterns that keep happening and slow them down so that they don’t get out of control. I am not walking away from conflict like I had been. Work in progress still.

Thanks Bruce, Cheers Harry.

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Luz Toral

I was ready to get out of the relationship. I had told Richard that I was not willing to keep the status quo.

On the same day we had that argument, I saw the video of the free seminar on my Facebook feed, and it was like you were talking to me.

It really addressed my issues, so I sent it to Richard and thought, if he doesn’t react,  I’m done. To my surprise he watched the video and responded that he was willing to do the seminar.

I had no idea what was going to happen, but we were both so motivated to make it work, we got invested in learning and seeing that really motivated me, but I was not really prepared to the amount of things I learned about myself and it all made so much sense!

I consider myself a skeptic, I went in with open mind but I didn’t expect to feel so seen and understood.

Bruce you made me feel very comfortable and I trust your knowledge, because each tool, exercise, video, was addressing my problems and just being so accurate.

This is exactly what we needed!

Luz and Richard

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Stephen Pike

We came to this program not knowing what our goal was other than to strengthen and solidify our young marriage. We found so much more.

We both found and uncovered old wounds and opened them up for healing.

Bruce has a gift of being able to mix knowledge and humor so you feel comfortable enough to open up and be vulnerable.

We both grew individually and more importantly as a couple.

Thank you Bruce!

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Riga Maree

Bruce this is without doubt the best program I have ever done, and I have done quite a few personal development course over the last 25 years.

It is the first program my partner has  ever willingly agreed to do, and that is not from lack of options being presented. I hope he shares what inspired him to choose to do your program, because so many couples would really benefit from doing your program.

The structure, flow and lessons work really well.  As you say, you get out of it, what you put in.  We went all in.

Thanks so so much Bruce.  We desperately needed help.

My partner and I tried 3 different counsellors and self help books but weren’t making progress. Thankfully we found, your “Love At First Fight” course, and it has been the best thing we have ever done for our relationship.  

I now believe that we can have a loving fulfilling relationship that will last.

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​​Jenny Schlee

I love how comprehensive this program is, with many layers, digging deeper into things after building a solid foundation.

I LOVED the coaching calls, and how grounded Bruce is with all of his feedback. It was all a total pleasure.

We have regained some trust, are better differentiated, as well as closer, and better able to communicate and be heard!

This is an amazingly helpful program for navigating relational difficulty, no matter how long you have been in relationship. Bruce has decades of experience, is very articulate, and insightful, and he packs in a ton of great information, resources, videos, audios etc.

I cannot recommend his work enough!!!

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Denni Mobbs

There is something very beautiful and profound about observing someone who exhibits mastery in any medium. Bruce Muzik is such a person.

During the course I was often struck by Bruce’s mastery in the realm of relationship.

His depth and years of study, coupled with a passion, curiosity and humility, create a rich experience wherein he gently and firmly guides couples back to their essential loving nature; a place where love can be rediscovered with their partner.

Bruce is a gift!

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Zaneta Petrekova

I’d recommend Bruce’s relationship course to anyone who struggle to communicate and lacking intimacy in their relationship.

He has a very good understanding of most relationship problems you can think of. He has a capability to explain difficult situations in simple language and teaches very helpful tools to identify the issues and resolved them.

My partner and I understand each other more than before and this course enabled us to learn our inner feelings to communicate better.

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Jill Forrester

Bruce Muzik was literally a. Godsend   into our lives, we were struggling so badly before doing this course, we have seen SO many second grade counsellors spent so much money, but THIS is everything any couple needs to get back on track, or be given as a wedding gift.

We are even going to do it  again as we want to solidify all this amazing teaching, thank you Bruce for all that you do at such an affordable price , you are saving familys dont ever stop.

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We couldn’t speak more highly about this program.  We were hooked right at the promotional videos and every step of the program was well thought out, full of ‘AHA’ moments and tons of extremely useful tips and tools. 

Both of us weren’t sure how to stay together.  Things were very volatile and there was so much hurt and anger between us.

We’re getting better at fighting and communicating.  There’s a lot more love and understanding between us.  Starting to let things go and forgive.  Still have a long way to go.  But that’s a start.

Post program, we are left feeling hopeful and prepared to keep our relationship healthy and thriving.

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Bruce was amazing. He was open to questions and had a listening ear.

I can honestly say if the outcome you are looking for in your relationship doesn’t work after this class then it’s not Bruce’s fault.

You have to follow the plan throughout as instructed.

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Barbara Wooding

I would highly recommend this program even when you think there is nothing that can be done. I started this program for myself believing my marriage was over there was hardly any and sometimes for days no communication, we were living apart.

To now talking everyday, laughing having fun (I am crying writing this) the changes is far more than I ever imagined. Its still early days and still lots of work to do.

If you are at a loss with little or no hope, this program is for you. It helped me to see through my behavior (and my partners behavior) into why we do what we do!

We have now established a connection I never thought possible.

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Tanvi Kothari

I would highly recommend this program to anyone dealing with relationship issues. My husband and I have been able to resolve all our issues through this wonderful inspiring program and with Bruce as our mentor on the calls.

The course is super thorough and fun! Our conflicts have resolved and we feel happier and calmer.

Bruce is an amazing life coach and mentor and I would highly recommend to have sessions with him. He is super inspiring!

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Cynthia Crockett

I have learned more about myself and how relate in romantic relationships.

If you are a Single not in a relationship, this  program will give you a good foundation for your future romantic relationship.   I have suggested this program to every couple that I know that mentions that they want to improve their marriage.

I’m glad I purchased Lifetime access.  I want to go through this again, and then again when I get into a romantic relationship.

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