Laura Burtan

Thank you for your work and this course! I’ve learned so much about myself and ways to express my needs and feelings, communicate and connect in meaningful ways with my partner.

I am sharing the knowledge and practice with my partner, and we are now able to have deep conversations, be emotionally present and honest, meet each other’s needs in a more connecting way.

I am so humbled by the experience; We are now a team working together to heal our relationship and transform it.

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Dee Dixon

This program was both insightful and provocative. It really allowed us to take a step back and consider each other’s feelings and how our responses to each other affected us.

We would definitely recommend this program to many of our friends.

Thanks Bruce! Boom shakalaka!!

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Gary White

For anyone experiencing a “stale” relationship or have a need to overcome hurt feelings due to an infidelity, Bruce’s program (if followed) could be your saving grace.

I’ve been married for 44 years and I can tell you we are closer now than maybe ever before.

Not to mention our intimacy is at the level of 35 yr olds. 🙂

Thank you Bruce for all your wise and well put advice, giving me the marriage I’ve always yearned for!

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Michelle Todaro

Completing Bruce’s Love at First Fight course has been a game changer for us it has saved our 12 year marriage and we will be forever thankful for your amazing knowledge and commitment to supporting us through this incredibly difficult time. 

We can’t believe how our relationship has turned around in just 7 weeks.

I think every couple should do this course regardless if it is in trouble or not the skills you learn you can apply to every relationship or friendship  you have. 

Thank you Bruce you are a gift from heaven. Xx


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Steve O’Brien

I thought the course was great.  I really think it helped me to understand the inner workings of personal relationships which I have been sharing with others. 

I would recommend this course to anybody that wants to improve their life and their relationships.  For me it has deepened my understanding of both myself and my partner.

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Kelley Brandle

When my husband and I fought, I felt rage and hatred in my heart. I questioned whether we would make it much longer.  The anguish was unbearable. 

I found this course through a suggestion in a facebook group.  I signed up knowing we had nothing to lose.  The first few weeks were tough because I couldn’t imagine that we could shift out of the continual argument cycle we did so often.

But I feel more seen, heard and understood by my husband than I have in a long while. He understands his part in the arguments, and understands where I am coming from.  I understand him and his needs more as well.  We learned we never learned how to communicate properly and created a toxic environment for both of us.  When we learned this, a shift happened that has lightened and opened my heart. 

I am grateful we decided to say yes to this course. I am hopeful for the future.

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Donna Russert

I found Bruce Muzik after deciding to abandon traditional marriage counseling.

In traditional counseling, we spent a fortune over the course of just 3 months, only to find ourselves even more conflicted in the relationship and with no hope of making any progress on our own.

In fact, the therapist actually became to each of us, what he was supposed to be teaching us to become for each other. He taught us no tools, and shed very little light on what our source of conflict was.

When I listened to Bruce’s short series of videos on YouTube, I knew that Bruce had a way of thinking and offering his insight that showed me hope. I shared it with Mark, on the heels of both of us on the verge of abandoning the relationship. We both felt a sense of hope and decided to take the course.

Little did we know, that we would get sooooo much more in only 7 weeks, that we would never have gotten in years of traditional counseling.

Bruce’s course has been an amazing journey of personal and relational growth that included a lot of self-discovery, difficult “thruths” that were faced, and methods that we learned and utilized; giving us a basis from which we could make progress against our constant conflict.

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Kim Lane

This course has helped both of us understand each other and we realize how we got where we are through childhood trauma.

This course turned the light on for us and has helped us improve our relationship.

Thank you Bruce!

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David Cozens

The program is challenging, it requires work, but we put in the work and wow did it pay off!.

We now feel so connected and our relationship is going from strength to strength. We are able to talk about any difficult subjects without triggering each other. We have both grown so much as individuals and as a couple.

Thank you Bruce, saying you saved our relationship just doesn’t do it justice, you have saved it and set us on a course to bliss.

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Mikyla Limpkin

I wish I’d had this coaching when I was 20. It has changed my life.

The bit of me that felt inadequate, incomplete and a relationship disaster, has been soothed and rebuilt. From now on I will be having the most amazing life I’d always secretly wanted but never felt I deserved.

I now know how to be the person I always felt I had the potential to be, with my partner there beside me, in the best ever, interdependent relationship.

I wish Bruce was teaching this to the whole world, particularly kids so they can avoid the pain I’ve experienced.

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Michelle Bateman

This course was amazing and highly recommend it to anyone. Even if you have a great relationship you’ll gain so much awareness about yourself and each other it’s profound.

We love to learn and so this was exciting and I loved the concrete solutions and scripts to use in certain situations. Over time they will become more second nature.

I’ve taken a lot of personal development and much of what Bruce talks about I’d never heard before and it all made sooo much sense.

Stop struggling to figure it out on your own. We weren’t taught to understand ourselves, our past and our emotions much less our partners so this will help you be more connected to yourself and your partner!!

Thanks Bruce this was valuable!!

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Matthew McQuaid

My wife and I were on the verge of divorce. She had already decided to leave.

The program completely surprised my wife in it’s ability to restore loving connection. We both responded together, just as Bruce promised.

Thank you Bruce for helping us stay together!

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Stacey Nagel

We were headed for divorce until we signed up for the “Love at first fight” program. 

I am able to be more understanding now. We communicate better and have learned what triggers each other so we can make changes to prevent hurting each other.

It has saved our marriage and helped us to connect with each other.

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Julie Kennedy

 My husband and I found Bruce to be engaging, practical, and spot on with his descriptions of how relationships unravel and what techniques provide the scaffolding needed to jump in feet first and repair or refresh the relationship. 

Every person is treated with respect and Bruce passionately honors the process he offers people to uncover root problems and to use  his resources to make observable differences right away. 

He has the uncanny ability to strip away the surface issues and get to the heart of the matter in seconds!  He is reliable and dedicated to his practice and we found the program helped us immensely! 

Bruce keeps things real and encourages honest, reassuring communication that diffuses the heat and leads to harmony.

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Rebecca Martin-Scott

Bruce, you are genuinely a relationship genius. Your advice and knowledge is invaluable. We would definately be working on a co-parenting relationship now rather than our marriage if we did not find you and this course.

I have learnt more things about myself and what I do to hinder and sabotage my healthy connections than I ever thought possible. I always blamed my husband, or it was always something someone else was doing to cause the reaction in me that they were getting and now I understand how to show my soft emotions and be vulnerable I can see how much I have to develop and be aware of in myself that contribute to the way my relationships are and have been in the past.

Thank you bruce.

For anyone wondering if this is a course for you, do it!! Even if your partner isnt willing, you will learn so much more about yourself that it will give you a boost in self-esteem, self confidence and self awareness that you never thought possible.

Keep doing what you do bruce because you are brilliant at it. Thank you so much again.

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Chris Kelley

We are more connected now than ever before and we have been married for 33 years. We are fighting less and when we do have a disagreement we know better how to find out what the root cause of it is so we can solve it together instead of accusing one another like we used to

Love at first fight has really opened my eyes to just how important it is to get and keep connection with your partner and how everything else seems to fall in place once you achieve this.

This program is a lot of work but worth so worth it to anyone who wants to save their marriage.

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Kathie Keeley

This program was really beneficial in spite of the fact that I am single.

I learned valuable lessons that I can apply in any relationship, and some that will come in handy if I ever fall in love again.

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Mary Dellos

Bruce is a relationship expert. He lives what he teaches & gave us more insight into our marriage than anyone else over our 42 years of marriage. He helped us discover root issues & then how to solve the problems.

This course is jam packed with revelations & helpful, meaningful tools. We grew to appreciate our strengths & growth areas.

Bruce speaks truth from his heart. We appreciated his own vulnerability & kindness.

It was excellent & we are hopeful for continued growth & healing in our marriage. We are grateful for what we have learned & excited to share with other couples.

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Aisha Khawar

I joined the course solo and was sceptical about how I alone could turn around my relationship which for 14 years was on the brink of breakdown.

We were both moving in opposite directions and just waiting to move on in our lives. I was desodorier something to change and need help desperately but never in a million years thought that in a short space of time I alone could turn things around so dramatically.

I whole heartedly thank Bruce for this course and tools he tought.

To be honest within the first 2 weeks I started to see changes as a result of implementing the tools and after discovering the reflective conversation tool my relationship changed dramatically!

We are now connected, in-love again, want to spend time with each other, started to actually open up without fear of being judged and if things start to get into an argument I have to tools to deesscilate.

We havnt had another full blown argument since I started the course.

Big Thank you Bruce credit is all to you! I believe being alone on the course was a benefit because I wasn’t relying on my husband to do his part!

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Andrea Lampard

Bruce’s programme is amazing. I still have a lot to work on, but now with the right tools, I’m planning to continue working on my own issues of opening up and making myself vulnerable in order to help us both better communicate.

This programme goes deep, and the way Bruce explains things is astounding and helps you look at things with a different mindset.

I still have a long way to go, but my husband has told me he’s proud of me for working on our relationship, and that means the world to me. So, thank you Bruce. You’re the best!

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