Melissa Parker

This program is so amazing. I did this program as a single woman as I had recently separated from my partner.

My relationship with myself has changed. I have more awareness and a greater compassion and love and worth for myself. It’s ok to have needs and to express them. I’m so excited I have the tools to have a healthy, securely attached relationship with great connection and communication tools.

There is so much incredible wisdom and practical tools provided.

I wish I had the tools earlier. Bruce is also so lovely and wise. I recommend this program to everyone.

You learn priceless life lessons and practical tools that I hope everyone learns.

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Rachel and Neil Macdonald

Bruce’s programme exceeded our expectations, our relationship was at rock bottom and we had been stuck for a very long time.

Apart from raising the children, it is the only course we have committed to and completed together during our 22 year marriage.

Bruce helped us to rebuild our friendship, unpick behaviors and skill us up going forward.  The homework was exhausting but we stuck at it and thoroughly enjoyed the journey, thank you Bruce.



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Laura Bailey

From the pre-worksheets to the final video, this course has given me a revolutionary insight into myself, my partner (as he did the course with me) & our relationship.

If there is a misunderstanding, I can now stop & think instead of assuming the worst & walking away.

We are stronger than ever & use elements from the course regularly. 

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Miriam and DuWayne Heppner

After 42 years of marriage, we were stuck and couldn’t continue. We have read many books on marriage, attended and listened to marriage seminars and workshops, participated in individual and marriage counseling, went on a cruise focusing on marriage, and have even attended weeklong “schools” for counselors and pastors. While we received some helpful insights from each of these, we were still stuck. Even though we occupied and operated in the same house, our marriage had been essentially dead for over three years.

Last fall we each participated in separate intensive weekend retreats that brought a lot of insight and healing and freedom as individuals, but we were still stuck in destructive patterns. I continued to pursue learning, and found your Love at First Fight information. My husband said he was all in when I told him I had signed up for the course.

This program has given us practical tools that we have never owned. We have a better understanding of what each of us bring to the table. Our communication patterns were counter productive. This program has provided the means to relearn and apply productive understanding, communication and behavior.

The life-time access to the materials is allowing us to continue to learn, apply and connect. We are also excited about how these positive life-changing tools will affect our relationships with our children, their spouses, our grandchildren, and others in our lives.

We are encouraging our newly engaged son to go through this with his fiancee.

We wish we could have had access to the information in this course for our premarital counseling. We now have the tools and desire to continue growing and connecting in significant productive ways.

Thank you, Bruce.

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Dilly Hibbert

Having gone through a couple of marriage counsellors and failed, we were stuck on the what to do next.

Almost felt like there was no hope, until I came across Bruce and immediately we were hopeful.

The program has not only helped our relationship but the tools we have been provided with will help us with all relationships.

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Mitchell Jim

34 years into our 2nd marriage (we’re in our 70’s!), we were referred to this program. We discovered much about each other and ourselves that will bless and enrich our union.

I like to say, “Bruce has given us a new toolkit full of live tools for us to practice using.”

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Chisom Adigo

This program was worth it . I thought my marriage was unfixable until I joined Love At First Fight. At some point I said I would go for a divorce.

But the program saved my marriage and it is like we just got married again. My relationship changed from 30% to 98%.

My hubby never agreed to join until the 5th week, but to my greatest surprise when I shared all my homework and assignments – there was one assignment that you would never believe will work.

I can agree with Bruce when you say Connect first and then communicate later – it’s a good strategy.

Bruce I must say so many marriages need you at the moment. Please permit me to invite them. I was scared because I was feeling mine was different because I am African. But I don’t think it has to do with where you come from .

This strategy is an eye opener and has changed my home.

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Angie & Gavin Dearsley

Bruce knows his love! He is engaging, charismatic and makes the course fun. He is also direct (in a kind way), honest and inherently helpful. You really feel he wants the best for you and your relationship.

The course content is amazing! You learn not only about your relationship but also gain, a much deeper understanding of your part in the dynamics, a much better understanding of your partner and also yourself as an individual. The things you learn within the course can spill over beneficially into other relationships too.

This course packs a loving punch and we feel like better people for it. There were insights and ‘aha’s!’ every week. Our relationship is greatly improved and we look forward to the journey together now.

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Star Bradbury

Bruce, your course delivered more than I could have even hoped for.

Honestly, our 34 year marriage is experiencing a true renaissance. While we had no major upsets or infidelities, we had lost our connection and joy.

We feel connected, we are feeling joyful even, and we have rediscovered  our lost passion again!

Your course has given us the tools to revitalize our relationship and move it to a much deeper level.



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Natalie Wilke

This program will provide as much personal growth and insight as it will relationship growth!

Bruce is extremely empathetic and knowledgeable and is easy to relate to – he feels more like a trustworthy friend than a coach.

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Teresa Hodecker

Going through it solo while still married and ending the program closer to divorce, might seem like your program doesn’t work.

However, I didn’t go through the effort needed to save my marriage because that wasn’t the intention for me taking the course and I have since reached a point that I don’t want the marriage, to much regret and resentment that more the of us want to put in the time to work through.

But I do know that personally your program uncovered what years of therapy I’ve been through has not been able to figure out. As well as new found confidence in myself that will no doubt only get better.

I was also able to pinpoint various contributing factors that led to my upcoming divorce, and had we not waiting so long to get your help …. we could have easily turned things around, no doubt in my mind.

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Ghada Salim Renner

I am so thankful for the programme.

It has helped me gain insight about myself, my behaviours and what I bring to my marriage.

By doing so, I have felt a shift in my marriage and we are both happier as a result.

Its a wonderful programme, requires effort, but well worth it.

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Lisa Rose

Love At First Fight is something I did as a single person. I wanted to work on myself to be ready to able and ready to have a healthy relationship with the right person in the future.

The program provided me with insight about myself within relationships. It also helped me to look at past relationships with a different perspective that provided healing in my heart and mind about them.

I believe that with practice, I will have a strong skill set to apply to my relationships with family, friends, and the relationship that will come into my future.

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Mary Ambrose

I learned more about myself and my relationship dynamics in this class than any other course I’ve taken.

The material peels back the onion and goes deep.

I combined it with therapy and even my therapist was asking what course I was taking. She noticed how much reflection I was having on my relationship.

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Jeanette Murphy

40 years together/ 1 year divorced.   We were both in a bad place with each other. 

Maybe it was meant to be – but I enrolled for the course, and through some very limited emailing, he said he was interested in doing it as well.

So we have completed this course in tandem, but have called on our experiences from when we were together.  We have been meeting weekly to complete the exercises as best we can, given that we are no longer together.

The course initiated some very intense, in-depth genuine conversations – probably more open and honest conversations in the last 7 weeks than we had over our 40 year relationship put together.

The tools provided have been instrumental in allowing us to communicate, connect and hear each other, probably for the first time in a very long time, if ever.

We have covered pretty much every subject and issue that was a relationship killer for us – and we also pondered on how much time and effort was wasted and lost across all those years. 

It has brought closure to a lot of issues that were bumps in the road for a long time, but which became insurmountable mountains by the end and caused the marriage to breakdown. 

Yesterday we even agreed that had we had these tools, and known how to use them, it could have probably saved our marriage. And we fantasized how good our time together could have been, and what our retirement now might have been like.  

I suggested a get-together with our grown children and everyone was keen.  It all fell into place very easily.   We all met up last weekend down in Byron Bay to see a favourite family band, and then spent the weekend together (a first since he and I separated nearly 5 years ago).  And it was lovely. 

Everyone commented on how harmonious and relaxed it all was – none of the angst they were used to. And I think I can speak for both of us, that it was very calm and enjoyable. 

We have both learned a lot about each other and about ourselves through the program, and I would like to thank you for having the insight to put this program together. 

The ability to communicate and connect should be incorporated into the schooling system to assist with the emotional development of young people.  

It is invaluable in being understood and understanding another person – be it in relationships/friendships or other.  And even more invaluable connecting.


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Tony Castronovo

It was amazing how in just 7 weeks, my wife and I could achieve so much toward building a stronger, more intimate relationship.

We have had a lot more intimate conversations and have taken time to get to know each other on a deeper level.  It’s helped us appreciate each other more and why we are the way we are…and how to work with each others’ personality a bit better.

Bruce has done a great job hand-selecting the right topics and organizing them in the most impactful manner that allowed us to build on each week.


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Lee Heffernan

If you are willing to trust Bruce and work the program, it will be life-changing for your relationship.

You will have a renewed sense of emotional connection, intimacy, and overall joy between you and your partner.  I wish I had discovered this program a lot sooner!

You need to charge more money.  Bruce, I would have paid a lot more for such a wonderful transformation with my partner!

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Gabriela Howard

I have enjoyed the program, it wasn’t too long and I learned lots of very useful tools and information.

Loved the coaching calls and I got tons of great advice just listening to them. I took it on my own I learned lots about myself. I keep slowly applying it in my relationship.

Hopeful I can single-handedly change my relationship for better.

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Cindy Muro

This is a great program if you are working on a relationship, or want to know yourself better in preparation for a future relationship. 

I highly recommend it for all humans in relationship with other humans if you want to have deep , delicious relationships. 

I have been married for 41 years and it was great to have a booster shot in the arm for our relationship.


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Michael Keleher

I highly recommend this program to any couple whose relationship is in jeopardy, or who just want to be closer to each other, communicate effectively and learn strategies to navigate conflicts that will inevitably arise.

Bruce is an gifted mentor who spends real time with participants, listens carefully (using the techniques he teaches), and provides thoughtful, useful and specific advice. The program provides excellent value for the price, and was invaluable to me.

Communication is more honest, open, vulnerable and immediate. We understand ourselves, and each other, much better. Both of us are happier and less stressed. I honestly cannot recall ever being as happy as I am now.

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