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"I am married today because of my participation."

Laura and Tom Davis

Laura and Tom Davis

“This is an amazing, AMAZING, program!  The information presented here needs to be shared with everyone and anyone that is involved in any type of a relationship!

If two people are committed to work through the program, I cannot imagine how their marriage could fail!

So superior to any books I have read and tried to apply, and marriage counseling.

I am married today because of my participation – thank you Bruce Muzik!”

"Far more than I expected..."

Dezana Aman

Dezana Aman

“This comprehensive interactive course was far more than I expected.

I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to understand how to succeed in a fulfilling partnership of any kind.

Bruce is down to earth, creative and colorful. He makes you understand why you want a relationship in the first place!”

"I have not felt this connected or in love with Andre in years..."

Lynette Anderson

Lynette Anderson

“I just wanted to send a mail to say thank you. I have not felt this connected or in love with Andre in years. During the first week I was very nervous – especially looking into his eyes – I wanted to crawl out of my skin and run away… But I didn’t and it has been so beautifully worth it for us.

Your program has been put together magnificently. It is easy to see how passionate you are about helping people to love each other and have wonderful relationships.

I have not been able to express any sort of love for a very long time to anyone. It feels like something has melted away now and these gorgeous, warm and fuzzy feelings have come tumbling out – I am so excited – I feel alive again.

Thank you.

This sounds cheesy – but you really have changed my life forever.”

"I have changed..."

Rebecca Mead

Rebecca Mead

“I have changed. I’m using the things I learned to discuss things with my husband. I find I am listening to him, calming him, soothing him.

This program is amazing. It has changed my view on relationships.

I now understand what behaviours negatively impact my relationship and what to do to make my relationship better. Amazing. I really loved this course and was sad when it finished.”

"By far the best help we could have gotten..."

Lynette Bailey

Lynette Bailey

“We couldn’t have selected a better program to help us, and you are a gift in our lives, Bruce. You said you were passionate about your work & you proved it!

The Love at First Fight material was by far the best help we could have gotten to bring more peace to our relationship.

Your knowledge, compassionate style and unique personality made facing tough challenges much easier than anticipated.

Thank you.”

"We were not talking... and now we are."

Rhonda Darling

Rhonda Darling

“The Love at First Fight program has brought renewed hope into our relationship. We were not talking to one another before the course began and now we are. We are beginning to see one another and our relationship in a new way.

Bruce cares deeply about his clients and supporting them in getting the most out of the program. He creates a safe and accepting space to explore yourself and your relationships in order to create greater happiness and wholeness.”

"An eye opening and life changing experience..."

Sylwia Weresniak

Sylwia Weresniak


Your Love at First Fight coaching program was an eye opening and life changing experience.

It help me pinpoint and understand the exact reasons for all of the problems we were experiencing in our relationship. What previously felt like one big mess, was pulled apart and cut into bite-size chunks, easy to understand and to work on.

You’re a fantastic presenter and a coach and I loved all of the videos and coaching calls. Joining the program was one of the better decisions I’ve made in life and the whole program and exercises is something I will keep on re-doing.”

"I have freed myself..."

Shoushan Zamanian

Shoushan Zamanian

“Bruce, I was just a desperate student with no direction when I joined the coaching program. This has helped me tremendously. You took me by the hand, lead and guided me to where I needed to be. I have freed myself in at such a deep level of my soul and spirit.

One of my aha moments in this program was you. Your concern, willingness, desire and generosity for wanting to help others, came across loud and clear.

I remember the phone call you had from a gentleman who was on the verge of suicide, and you extended the offer to help him for free.

I take off my hat to you.

Thank you for who you are, and your compassion you have for others.”

"We are now able to connect and communicate!"

Elizabeth Hester

Elizabeth Hester

“Hi Bruce,

My husband and I were referred to your course by our counselor (who said she had gained a tremendous amount of help for her marriage from attending it). I want to share how this past 7 weeks has impacted our relationship.

We are now able to connect and communicate! That is an incredible lifesaver.

The program helped us understand where we were going wrong and what steps to take to connect and grow together instead of fighting and staying locked in our power struggle.

Thank you for the tools!!!

I am excited to continue the growth that started with each new video and exercise.

We are so going to be redoing the videos and calls and exercises in the members area as they seem like they will keep enlightening us and guiding us, I feel like we just scratched the surface.

Thank you for putting together this relationship saving material and for being our coach… and for giving of yourself to all of us, Bruce.

Your passion for relationships is wonderful, and truly impacted us.

Take care and God Bless!”

"We're closer than we could have ever imagined..."

Jay Ellefson

Jay Ellefson

“Bruce, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the work you did with Mandi and I. Your relationship coaching has brought us closer than we could have ever imagined.

We thought we wanted to go back to the way things were when we married but you’ve put us into a place far beyond that.

I know that you have a life other than work, so making an exception and doing our sessions on Saturday was less than optimal for you. Thank goodness you stuck with us.

Our time with you has made such and difference in our lives. We have become so much closer in every respect.

Again, I can not express how grateful I personally am for your kindness and help.”

"Solidly on track..."

David M.

David M.

“I have excelled in most aspects of my life except one – my intimate relationship. To me, this area is more important than any of my other successes.

Bruce’s course put us solidly on track to reach that state of bliss that so few couples achieve. It is never too late – never give up – no matter what your age, or past. Bruce’s work will work for you.”

"I found what I was looking for before I even finished the course..."

Vikki Brown

Vikki Brown

“I highly recommend The Love of First Fight coaching program for any couple wishing to grow their relationship and connect on a deeper level.

Heck, I recommend this course for single people too. I was single when I signed up – wanting to learn as much as possible about myself and the best way to create an intimate, loving and connected relationship!

I found what I was looking for before I even finished the course.

Bruce’s open and honest style of teaching/coaching, videos with the practical exercises, the live coaching calls that link current relationship theory and neuroscience creates a package that will meet the needs of most every type of adult learner. Give your self the gift of love. Join Bruce for 7 weeks.”

"The most cost effective investment you could ever make in your relationship..."

Nick Patey

Nick Patey

“This course is without doubt, the most comprehensive and cost effective investment you could ever make in your relationship.

Bruce is not only an incredible teacher but has an incredible passion for what he does. You will come away with new insight and new tools that will afford you the opportunity to take your relationship to levels you only previously dreamed about.”

"More connected and committed than ever..."

Chris Partington

Chris Partington

“Bruce, we are now more connected and committed than ever.

I am more optimistic (about our relationship) than ever despite having confirmed we are completely opposite.

A testimonial for you: If you need a port in a storm for a stormy relationship or a track to follow when you’ve lost your way with the love of your life, this is the course for you!”

"Do not sacrifice what you want most for what you want right now."

Angel Lek

Angel Lek

“Hi Bruce, I entered this program ready to grow and change the way I usually behave in relationships, and I feel like I have learnt exactly how to do that in the past few weeks.

The most beneficial tool to us so far has been the communication skill you taught us in week 2. We started using it, I learned that before we broke up he had been feeling as if this relationship was THE ONE and that scared him. I had no idea that he considered me THE ONE!

When I first asked him to do this program with me eight weeks ago, we had just broken up and he agreed to only as a means of figuring out what had gone wrong. He said that we could reevaluate in two months and see if we were actually compatible. Of course, those beginning weeks were horrible and filled with fear that he would leave at any moment, but what you taught us about Hailstorms and Turtles and their specific needs motivated me to stop myself from acting out whenever I felt insecure.

It was amazing how safe that conversation made me feel, and we definitely could not have done it without everything you taught us! I can easily imagine a similar conversation in the past building up into accusations and conflict, so I cannot thank you enough for helping us avoid that. I kept this quote at the back of my mind: “Do not sacrifice what you want most for what you want right now.”

Although we still have a long way to go, we’re definitely loving and connected now. This is a HUGE improvement from the pain we were both in just eight weeks ago.

Thank you so much Bruce, for guiding us through this and for being such a phenomenal person and coach. I love what you do for people and there really should be more people teaching these essential life skills. I’ll really miss talking to you!

Thank you once again, my gratitude is beyond words.”

"We discovered how to love each other again..."

Avinash Appadoo

Avinash Appadoo

“We discovered so many ways of facing and dealing with conflicts, how to feel better with ourselves and how to love each other again!

I was a bit skeptical at first but then I went just through the first week and my point of view on life actually changed in a positive way.

Whoever you are, Bruce will change your life!”

"He finally makes room for me in his life..."

Linda H.

Linda H.

“Bruce, we are closer than ever before. I feel safe and heard and understood by Michel for the first time really in all the time we’ve known each other.

I feel he finally makes room for me in his life and honors me for who I am and not who he’d like me to be.

This program unlocked the door to a life long love that just wasn’t working out. It gently guided us through incremental steps that opened up our communication, taught us how to trust and support one another and finally got us on the same team.

After years of frustration, the tools saved our relationship and will allow us to create the future I’ve always dreamed of.

I honestly wasn’t sure Michel would ever come to hear me, yet alone understand what I need and want, then provide it.

I know Michel related to your energy and that was an important factor in trusting your expertise.”

"Before this program I had low self esteem..."

Caryn V.

Caryn V.

“Before this program I was wishy washy, had low self esteem and was powerless in all of my relationships. Now I have clarity on healthy relationships, my confidence has increased and my relationship with my son, friends and family are so much more fulfilling now.

I highly recommend this program for anyone in relationships or single.”

"So well researched..."

Tina Traill

Tina Traill

“I enjoyed the program more than i thought I would. I appreciate how well you manage all of us from around the world.

I loved the content of the program, and how amazing your knowledge is, so well researched and understanding of today’s world. Very reassuring.

Thank you so much for your dedication to assisting relationships, this in turn will help me to pay it forward for my own clients and friends.”

"The trust has started to return..."

Kevin D.

Kevin D.

“This program gave me the tools we needed get through those times I thought that all hope was lost. The trust has started to return and I can see a bright and happy future with my partner that I was starting to lose sight of. The best part is that we were able to do this from the comfort of our own home.

Bruce, you do a fantastic job at relating to every single person, regardless of their issue. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is committed fixing their relationship.”

"This saved me years of conventional therapy..."

Craig Filek

Craig Filek

“Bruce – I just had to reach out and thank you. An hour on the phone with you saved me years of conventional therapy. The maps of relationship you laid out, combined with insights from the Enneagram about the specific needs my partner and I have – brilliant!

Your gentle and penetrating insights are very easily received and I’m confident my road ahead in this relationship will be much smoother as a result.

Thanks for turning the lights on for me!”

"I am discovering myself."

Alexandre Abreu

Alexandre Abreu

“I have started watching all your videos, and it has been an extraordinary experience. I am discovering myself.

At this stage things are more calm at our relationship and she is already happy for some changes, which encourage her to watch some of your videos tonight 🙂

Bruce, I have no words to express how you have been a huge help, and I am confident that all our relationship is needing is exactly a coach like you.”

"I gave my husband an ultimatum..."

Tessa Klein

Tessa Klein

“I couldn’t stand the fighting any more.We’d seen two other therapists who couldn’t help us at all.

I gave my husband an ultimatum – either figure out how to communicate better, or I’m moving out. My bags were packed!

I can’t believe it, but my husband and I actually made it through our big fight yesterday. After going through Love at First Fight, I think we are actually going to make it.

So, we are on the mend. Thank you Bruce! I enjoy how committed you are. You worked some magic here because we were definitely a worst-case scenario!”

"Made me feel I was normal."

Lyndel Maroske

Lyndel Maroske

“Bruce, your program is one of the most comprehensive and easy to understand programs for couples I can imagine finding.

I loved the naturalness of your presentation and the anecdotes from your own relationship, which made me feel I was normal.

While my partner didn’t participate as much as I had expected, the skills and info that I shared with him still succeeded in bringing about much needed improvements in our relationship.

With the videos, exercises and coaching calls, the program is excellent value for money.

I have already recommended the program to other friends and family members.

I just want to thank you Bruce, for your hard work in putting together such an insightful and brilliant couple’s program!”

"Big, raw, emotional things come up, and bring us closer..."

Nicole Jackson

Nicole Jackson

“When we signed up for the Love At First Fight program, we were quietly annoyed with each other. Drifting apart. Not able to be honest with each other. Not able to talk about real things without blowup fights (including not able to have important conversations about how we wanted to raise our daughter.)

The class jump started us towards a complete change in our relationship.

We are now able to be MUCH more honest with each other, able to talk to each other about REAL things. Big, raw, emotional things come up, and bring us closer instead of farther apart.

I also believe we’re better parents – we are able to have real conversations about how we want to raise our daughter (without fighting!) We’re also more comfortable just being ourselves, which is good for the whole family. I’m happier in our relationship now than I have been since the very beginning.”

"I've fallen even more in love..."

Daisy Grodzki

Daisy Grodzki

“This program really has made me see our relationship and my responsibility in it from an outside perspective:

I can see my partner for who he really is again, and have fallen even more in love with him (even though we did not do the program together, I did it on my own)!!

It’s unbelievable to see how much has changed since I started. I recommend the Love At First Fight coaching program to everyone!!”

"It is now my greatest pleasure to support my wife..."

Lorne Noble

Lorne Noble

“I didn’t realize it, but my wife and I had started living completely independent lives.

Bruce’s programme has helped us understand each other, communicate more effectively and avoid the daily friction and pain.

It is now my greatest pleasure to support my wife in the way she wants and consequently, she understands when I need space. We have reconnected on a level I never imagined and it’s truly magical.

Thank you so much Bruce, we couldn’t be happier.”

"One of the hardest things I have ever done..."



“One of the hardest things I have ever done… looking myself in the mirror and having to actually focus in on the details of my buried childhood family issues. The challenge was deciding not to let them define me.

With my triggers defined and acknowledged, I now have the freedom to grow in my relationships again both personal and professional.

Thanks Bruce.”

"We signed up as a last resort..."

Michael A.

Michael A.

“Going on our 36th year of marriage we signed up for Bruce’s class more as a last resort than anything else.

We had been to counselors and learned a lot about emotional healing, but still struggled with intimacy and “connection” issues.

Bruce’s material shed light on some of our “dark” areas and gave us practical tools that have helped us work effectively on those issues.

Thanks Bruce, for your class and for taking a personal interest in all of your students. Your efforts have helped us immensely!”

"We now feel able to build a loving and bright future together..."

Joanne Murphy

Joanne Murphy

“Love At First Fight has been of great benefit to us both and we now feel able to build a loving and bright future together using the tools Bruce has taught us.

It’s great that I can keep returning to the website as a life long member and I believe this will be so useful to keep our love bank topped up!

Thank you Bruce for your commitment to us, and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve and deepen their relationship. I would also recommend the program to any of our single friends as they would gain a great deal of personal growth and self awareness from it.”

"Already so much better and lighter since I started the program..."

Daisy Grodzki

Daisy Grodzki

“I want you to know Bruce, that I am feeling already so much better and lighter, since I started your program (only 2 weeks ago)!!

And also there has changed something between my partner and me. And to be honest, I think that it is actually me that changed: I am not as negative anymore towards him, not looking for ‘what is wrong’… and this makes him much more relaxed and open as well…

I think he must have felt so judged by me… and I didn’t even realize that, that I was actually the one that was responsible for how we were together!

It feels already as if we are so much lighter and connected.

Bruce, thank you so so much!!”

"The emotional tone has switched..."

Beth Klein

Beth Klein

“The emotional tone (in our relationship) has switched to more loving, rather than being prickly and always vigilant and looking out for an attack or criticism, so that’s a relief!

I think we are getting a lot out of the material because the pacing is matched to where we are at in out pattern/dynamic.

I love love love this program :-)”

"Attending this class saved our relationship..."

Cheryl Coffey

Cheryl Coffey

“After my divorce I found myself slipping back into an old pattern of three month relationships. Either I or the man I was dating would run at the first sign of trouble.

As my current relationship approached three months I received an email from Bruce about his “Love at First Fight” program, so I signed up. The timing was perfect.

Bruce taught me to see and overcome my escape tendencies, increase my understanding of myself and my partner and gave me the confidence to stay present as we worked through our struggles.

Attending this class saved our relationship.

I am so grateful for his help and encourage everyone, no matter what your relationship circumstances, to take this class. Bliss is attainable.”

"We are kinder to each other, more loving and... more romantic too!"

Anna Burns

Anna Burns

“Having known Bruce through his Designer Life courses we both knew as soon as the info landed in our inbox that it was the course for us.

The 7 week course really has changed our relationship. We were stuck in a cycle of power struggles and very independent, which meant we were not always kind or compassionate towards each other.

The fantastic videos, along with the excellent weekly exercises allowed us gently and genuinely to relook at ourselves and our relationship and to create a new way of being with each other, in only 7 weeks.

The weekly conference calls were a great addition too, with lots of lovely participants sharing from their hearts.

Since finishing the course, we have had very little conflict, and any conflict we have had has been resolved quickly and easily. We are kinder to each other, more loving and are experimenting with being more romantic too!

We now do fun things together on the weekend, instead of complaining that we don’t have anything in common! And we’ve just celebrated our 12th anniversary, so it was a wonderful anniversary gift to ourselves.

I’ll admit we were geeky and did all our homework every week as instructed, but I’d really recommend this – get as much as you can out of it while it runs, you can always go back and redo some parts at a more in depth level later on.

I’d totally recommend Bruce’s Love at First Fight programme – it really changed our whole relationship.”

"I can now communicate my boundaries, feelings, and needs to my partner..."

Carol Hampshire

Carol Hampshire

“What I have learnt most from your relationship coaching is the power of being 100% honest with my partner.

I can now communicate my boundaries, feelings, and needs to my partner in a way that strengthens our relationship, instead of weakening it.

Thank you Bruce for your wisdom, enthusiasm, love, support and insightful understanding of the dynamics of a creating a successful intimate relationship.”

"We've been in tears of joy"

Todd Sedelmeier

Todd Sedelmeier

“Man, you blew the doors off of what I was expecting. Not only did my girl and I come together in a whole new way, but I finally felt understood by her like I never have.

As a result, we’re more intimate, our sex has improved, our love and appreciation is deeper… and friends keep telling us that we are ‘such a great couple’.

We’ve been in tears of joy and since then, I’ve been applying my new understanding of relationships and communication in my business with clients and with my family and with my friends.

This work is soooo important.

Thanks Bruce!”

"Your relationship advice is outstanding..."

Donna Mccallum

Donna Mccallum

“Bruce, your relationship advice is outstanding. You have helped me over the last few months navigate my way through the ups and downs of my relationship and empowered me to have incredible conversations with my partner, so that my partner really “gets” me and vice versa.

You’ve helped me uncover the things I really need to work on in relationship and shown me a way through the difficult times.”

"It's influenced us so much that we've referred it to family and friends."

Michael Cournoyer

Michael Cournoyer

“In the past we’d both say “You’re not listening to me!” Now we find ourselves stopping, reflecting and getting clarity from each other. This program has influenced us so much that we’ve referred it to family, relatives and friends.”

"I'm amazed at how deep our relationship has become..."

Denise Olsen

Denise Olsen

“The program is giving me amazing tools that have allowed me to go much deeper with my man than in any previous relationship.

I’m no longer be afraid of our differences and we’re both very ready to make this our last relationship.

The personality typing session in Week 5 was HUGE for me. It gave words to be able to explain my emotions to him so that he can understand me.

I’m amazed at how deep our relationship has become considering that we’re both 60 years old and and have only been together 3 months.

We are so very grateful for you fighting so hard for our success, it worked!”

"Happier than when we were first together."

Gerry Thorpe

Gerry Thorpe

“Bruce, we are very impressed by the course. Your material is VERY helpful.

We learned some real tools that helped us to soften the tension and power struggles between us. I feel way more supported and arguments seem to blow over because we feel like we’re both being heard, so we don’t have to raise the volume anymore, which is REALLY nice.

Now, we understand each other better every time we have a conflict. We just keep learning about each other and evolving together.

We are even happier now than when we were first together.”

"You'll get back 10-fold what you put in..."



“My girlfriend and I have just completed the Love At First Fight coaching program and I must say we feel we’re in better shape now because of it.

There is a wealth of really great material in the course – the weekly videos, the calls and the resource material (recommended books, etc.).

It is going to take up a good deal of your time so you will need to come committed but trust me, you’ll get back 10-fold what you put into it.

It’s a very useful course if you need some help to get you through the rockier moments or if you want to grow as people and a couple.

Thank you Bruce!”

"Exceeded expectations..."

Dale Burrell

Dale Burrell

“Love At First Fight called to us from the moment we heard about it. Everyone said that relationships had to be worked at, but we still thought that after 11 years married things should be a bit easier.

The course exceeded expectations with great quality videos presenting new distinction after new distinction,well designed exercises to translate the theory into practice and excellent coaching calls.

We gained immediate benefit within the first weeks as we discovered so many new facets of our relationship which we were unaware of. And we gained tools which we can use any time we have the need.

Thanks Bruce, much appreciated.”

"I feel secure now."

Alexa Clark

Alexa Clark

“Bruce. I want to thank you for the Love At First Fight coaching program. It has made an incredible difference to our relationship during a very challenging time.

I am overjoyed that we kept at it, because since the program, I feel that we’re safe, that we’re together (after 22 years together).

We’re truly overjoyed with how much more connected and powerful we are as both a team and couple because of Love at First Fight and your coaching. I feel secure now. It’s been fantastic.

Thank you again, and we miss you.”

"We have fallen back in love..."

Verity Noble

Verity Noble

“I just wanted to write you an email and say how life changing this experience has been for us.

We were in a really rocky place and although we haven’t yet managed to complete the whole course, it has changed our relationship immensely.

We have fallen back in love, we argue less, we’re more understanding and most importantly, we can see how to succeed for the long-term.
I have been telling a ton of people how amazing the course is so wanted to find out if you had some kind of referral system so that I can put them in touch with you or send them a link to the next course?

Huge congratulations on producing such a fantastic curriculum, one that truly works.”

"If things seem unbearable, hold off just 7 more weeks..."

Jason Foote

Jason Foote

“Well what a journey this has been. I joined this program to attempt to re-engage with my ex (mother of my daughter) after a considerable break and a tumultuous 7 year relationship.

Not only did it re-engage us, it has given me massive insight to myself and relationships in general.

This course is very well researched and effectively compiled for maximum results.

7 weeks is not long to make such a considerable change in your relationship.

If you are thinking of leaving your partner or if things seem unbearable, hold off just 7 more weeks with an open mind and a willingness to resolve relationship issues once and for all.”

"From very rocky, to a deep love..."

Mandi Ellefson

Mandi Ellefson

“Bruce, thank you so much for all of the time and energy you put into our relationship.

Our marriage has gone from very rocky, with us both being hurt and resentful, to a deep love that I didn’t think was possible.

You helped us create a safe space to open up and be close again. And it has had a lasting impact in every area of my life.

I am now a better, wife, mother, and overall person. I have grown so much as a person through our brief time working together. Jay and I have both grown in love and appreciation.

You have accomplished miracles where marriage counseling, personal therapy, a seminar, and countless books fell short.

Thank you for all the time and care you have taken to develop and share your gifts with the world. You are providing an invaluable service. This is the best investment we have ever made as a couple in our 10 years together.

"This program has saved our marriage."

Pamela Cournoyer

Pamela Cournoyer

“Our marriage is transforming right before our eyes! Thank you for sharing this invaluable information, you are a delight to work with, I love how you make it safe to share.

Bruce, I’m a communications expert myself (by profession), and you’ve just taught me how to listen!

I am seeing Michael and I connecting faster, and becoming more vulnerable with each other without defensiveness.

We’re in a whole different space now and I’m not scared of what might happen anymore. Thanks to what we’ve learned, I know now that we have the tools to deal with anything.

We’re only on Week 3, but I have to tell you, this program has saved our marriage. My work has skyrocketed and I know that’s because of the peace that I have with my husband now.

We WILL finish this class, because it’s just so wonderful.

We told our kids about your program, they are watching the free video’s right now, can’t wait to get them enrolled in this!

Thank you Bruce.”

"This program has transformed everything in just three weeks..."

Julie Robbins

Julie Robbins

We’re totally on track and LOVING this program. Unlike most courses, programs, books, coaching, counselling I’ve come across or experienced – I would love to inspire EVERYONE interested in a more fulfilling life to do this course.

Sebastian and I are giving it our all and it’s transformed everything in just three weeks (we started a week before the course by watching videos we found on your website).

Not only am I reaping the benefits of the course with myself and in my marriage, but I’m also really enjoying and appreciate your skills and heart at holding space for people in their vulnerability, their courage and their possibility.

I engage in a leadership circle with colleagues from different parts of the world and last week shared with them some gems from your course – which I described to them as a leadership course about cultivating deeply fulfilling relationships.

What you’ve created here Bruce is huge – know that we’re working our butts off and enjoy your videos and you during the live calls – and although some of them are super challenging (mostly to the ego!) we’re also really enjoying the exercises.”

"We now have a relationship that is better than anything I could have imagined."

Andrew Griffin

Andrew Griffin

Although I was totally committed to my partner, I would have agonizing rows with her which left us both raw and drained.  During these encounters at times, part of me would wish that she would finish the relationship so that I’d not have to endure them anymore.

I’d also withdraw from her; something over which I had no conscious control.

Since completing the course, we’ve practically finished with the rows and I’m able to be present to her most of the time.  

I now share openly and honestly how I’m feeling with her and we now have a relationship that is better than anything I could have imagined. 

I feel very blessed by this and thankful that we were fortunate enough to find Love at first Fight.”

"We now have the tools to help us through the Power Struggle!"

Susan Parsfield

Susan Parsfield

Thank you Bruce!  I loved the program.

I learnt a lot about relationships and people in general and of course about myself and my husband too.  Highly recommended.

You have an answer for everything and put your theories across in a way that are easy to understand and use.

We now have the tools to help us through the Power Struggle!  Thank you again.”

"After only two sessions our relationship turned around completely."

Kaira Wyss

Kaira Wyss

“I am a 58y old woman from Europe that did a lot of personal growth work in my past.

I also struggled through many relationships and two failed marriages. Of all the interesting work I’ve done, Bruce’s Love At First Fight curriculum has been the clearest, most helpful, expedient, insightful, most professionally put together and most lovingly and joyfully delivered!

I enrolled together with my boyfriend of 2 years.

We love each other very much but were completely stuck in the Power Struggle phase without knowing it.

We experienced it as a complete break down of our otherwise excellent, open and honest communication and a total loss of connection, which hurt and scared us tremendously.
We simply did not know how to deal with the sudden misunderstandings, the feelings of alienation, of experiencing the partner as an enemy and of total hope- and helplessness in our previously so beautiful, intimate and deeply caring relationship

We were desperate because no communication could solve our problems!

We were headed towards a totally unwanted break up and were devastated by the thought of another relationship failure. Since I remembered that a relationship has to fall out of the Romantic Stage in order to grow, I googled “relationship phases” and checked different sites that were dealing with this issue.

Bruce’s energy was so upbeat, loving, confident and supportive that we felt very comfortable right away. After only two sessions our relationship turned around completely. Connection and communication were restored, we learned about the deeper causes of our problems and how to solve them expediently.

It was such a liberating and nonjudgmental process, we were utterly elated and in awe of it! It had no therapeutic feel to it, which we really liked, having had unsatisfying experiences with couples therapy in former relationships.

The greatest result is that we feel like a deeply loving, committed, invincible team now. We got the skills to deal with future challenges, and we can share what we learned with other couples! Thank you Bruce, for your service to the world!