Relationship Troubles? Need A Relationship Coach?

Here's How To Fix Your Relationship, Save Your Marriage and
Start on the Road to a New Life Together... Today

What A Good Relationship Coach Can Do For You…

Relationship coaching is a highly effective alternative to marriage counseling or online relationship counseling.

As your relationship coach, my job is to help you to fix your troubled relationship and support and guide you to fulfilling your relationship goals.

Whether you want to stop fighting, or feel safe and close again, or forgive hurt feelings, or restore trust or revive the intimacy and passion in your sex life, I can get you there quickly.

Imagine this…

Imagine you wake up one morning and look over at your partner sleeping soundly next to you.

Your entire body is flooded with gratitude because you know that your partner loves you, wants you, appreciates you, respects you, sees you and is committed to your relationship.

You feel secure about your life as a result of feeling so safe, close and connected to your partner.

This is not just a fairy tale. The couples I work with that feel that every day. You can have that feeling too, and a lot faster than you think.

If you’re committed to having the relationship you’ve always wanted, then let me take you (and your partner) by the hand and lead you past your power struggles and conflict that threatens to destroy your connection.

How Your Relationship Coaching Will Look…

Relationship Coaching and Marriage Coaching - create your dream team togetherWe’ll jump on a relationship coaching call together for 90 minutes each week.

During each session, you’ll deepen the emotional connection between you, resolve your differences, end your recurring conflict and heal your hurt feelings.

The “Lifetime Of Love” curriculum that I have developed is designed to make you feel safe and close – quickly and in a sustainable way.

Here is some of the ground we’ll cover together and a few of the skills you and your partner will master:

What We’ll Accomplish In Your Relationship Each Week

  • End The "Demand/Withdraw" Dynamic: Resolve the push/pull dynamic of one partner chasing the other for attention, while the other withdraws (so you can both get your needs met and communicate in a safe way)
  • Fight Fair: Learn how to stand up for yourself in a way that de-escalates conflict and creates connection
  • Heal The Past: Stop sabotaging your relationship with unresolved childhood issues that manifest as recurring patterns in your relationship
  • End Painful Conflict: Resolve painful recurring conflict once and for all, and dissolve stress and tension so you can enjoy your life together
  • Build Safety: Create a zone of safety around your relationship that invites intimacy and connection
  • Feel Deeply Understood: Truly get each other’s world, motives and differing perspectives, by understanding and appreciating each other’s unique personality traits
  • Get Your Needs Met: Discover both of your needs, wants and requirements and learn how to get them met
  • Passionate Sex: Learn how to keep the spark of passion alive in the bedroom (Hint: it has nothing to do with new positions, and everything to do with emotional-connection)
  • Inspiring Vision: Create a mutual vision that acts as a beacon to inspire your relationship through the inevitable rocky moments and keeps you both excited about the beautiful things you’re moving towards
  • Emotional Intimacy: Learn how to quickly build emotional intimacy with your partner in a way that brings you closer together and keeps you connected, even when you’re apart
  • Interdependency: How to balance being a team together while maintaining your individual identity… without losing yourself or giving up on your wants and needs

Privacy and confidentially is guaranteed. All client interactions, regardless of format, are completely privileged – your information is never shared.

Certified Relationship CoachWhy Should I Hire You As My Relationship Coach, Bruce?

My relationship coaching practice has a flawless reputation for fixing marriages and relationships. That is the only reason you should consider me as your relationship coach.

One of the reasons I’m able to create such dramatic night and day success stories with the couples I work with is because I only work with couples who are serious about doing whatever it takes to start on the road to a new life together.

Relationship Coaching is 100% GuaranteedSo to ensure that your relationship is my next success story, I’ll only consider you as new clients after a brief 15 minute telephone chat with you both.

During out chat, you can tell me everything you think I need to know about your relationship or marriage and I’ll assess whether or not I can help you.

I’ll answer any questions you have around relationship coaching so you feel 100% sure about moving forward with me.

Should we both choose to work together, we’ll clarify what you want to get out of our coaching relationship and then schedule our first relationship coaching session.

If we feel that we’re not a fit, I’ll refund 100% of your payment immediately – no hard feelings and you’ll still have gotten value from our 15 minute chat. So you have nothing to lose.

Loving couple - find a relationship coachThe Next Steps…

1. Watch the video above first so that you fully understand what relationship coaching involves.

2. Select a relationship coaching package below that best suits your budget. You’ll then be taken to my 100% secure online payment page.

3. We schedule our 15 minute chat. My assistant will email you to schedule a convenient time. The 3 of us will explore your situation, and ask each other some important questions so that we ALL feel that working together is a good fit. Remember your payment is 100% refundable and after our initial chat, we’ll either choose to work together or I’ll immediately return it to you.*

* My schedule fills up quickly, but you’ve been invited to this page because a spot is currently available.

Choose The Best Relationship Coaching Package For You

Choose the Relationship Coaching package that best suits your needs and then click on the “Buy Now” button.

Silver Gold Platinum
Coaching period (renewable):  1 month 1 month 3 or 6 months
Total coaching sessions in package:  2 4 12
Rate per package:  $699 $1,299 3 x $1200/m

 FREE BONUS (Value $497)

Home study Video Course

Relationship Homestufy CourseAs an additional bonus (with the Gold and Platinum packages) , you’ll get lifetime access to the Love At First Fight Video Coaching Program (sells for $497) to help you reach your relationship goals faster.

You’ll always have this valuable resource to continue learning from and brushing up your connection and communication skills.

Founding Member IMPACT - the International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches and TrainersI look forward to helping you fix your relationship and start on the road to a new life together.

Bruce Muzik - Relationship coach

P.S. Remember, your romantic relationship is the single most important relationship in your life. When it stops working, everything suffers – work, family, health, peace of mind – everything!

It’s normal to get stuck from time to time, but staying stuck? That’s optional… and leads to unnecessary suffering for both of you and your family. Don’t stay stuck. Apply now.

“Bruce, our marriage has gone from very rocky, to a deep love I didn’t think was possible. You accomplished miracles where marriage counseling, therapy, seminars and countless books fell short. This is the best investment we made in our 10 years together.” – Mandi Ellefson, USA
“Bruce, your relationship coaching has brought us closer than we ever imagined possible. We thought we wanted to go back to the way things were when we married, but you’ve put us into a place far beyond that. I can not express how grateful I am.” – Jay Ellefson, USA
“Attending this class saved our relationship. Bruce, you taught me to overcome my escape tendencies, increase my understanding of myself and my partner, and gave me the confidence to stay present as we worked through our struggles.” – Cheryl Coffey, USA
“Our marriage is transforming right before our eyes! Thanks to what we’ve learned, I’m not scared of what might happen anymore and I know now that we have the tools to deal with anything.”
– Pamela Cournoyer, Belize
“We have fallen back in love, we argue less, we’re more understanding and most importantly, we can see how to succeed for the long-term.”

– Verity Noble, UK

“We’re truly overjoyed with how much more connected and powerful we are as both a team and couple because of your coaching.
I feel secure now. It’s been fantastic.” – Alexa Clark, UK
“We gained immediate benefit within the first weeks as we discovered so many new facets of our relationship which we were unaware of.
And we gained tools which we can use any time we have the need.”
– Dale Burrell, New Zealand
“We’ve learned some real tools that helped us to soften the tension between us. Arguments now seem to blow over because we feel like we’re both being heard… We’re even happier than when we were first together.” – Gerry Thorpe, Canada
“The personality typing session was HUGE for me. I’m no longer be afraid of our differences and we’re both very ready to make this our last relationship. We are so very grateful for you fighting so hard for our success, it worked!” – Denise Olsen, USA
“In the past we’d both say “You’re not listening to me!” Now we find ourselves stopping, reflecting and getting clarity from each other. This program has influenced us so much that we’ve referred it to family, relatives and friends.” – Michael Cournoyer, Belize
“Bruce, your relationship advice is outstanding. You empowered me to have incredible conversations with my partner, so that my partner really “gets” me and vice versa.” – Donna McCallum, South Africa
“Man, you blew the doors off of what I was expecting. We’re more intimate, our sex has improved, our love and appreciation is deeper. I finally feel understood by her like I never have before. This work is soooo important.” – Todd Sedelmeier, Dominican Republic
“I can now honestly communicate my boundaries, feelings, and needs to him in a way that strengthens our relationship, instead of weakening it. Thank you Bruce for your wisdom, enthusiasm, love, and insightful understanding.” – Carol Hampshire, South Africa
“We now do fun things together on the weekend, instead of complaining that we don’t have anything in common! And we’ve just celebrated our 12th anniversary, so it was a wonderful anniversary gift to ourselves.” – Anna Burns, New Zealand
“The emotional tone (in our relationship) has switched to more loving, rather than being prickly and always vigilant and looking out for an attack or criticism, so that’s a relief!” – Beth Klein, USA
“After 2 weeks, it feels already as if we are so much lighter and more connected. Bruce, thank you so so much!! Something has changed. I am not as negative anymore towards him, not looking for ‘what is wrong’…” – Daisy Grodzki, Netherlands
“We now feel able to build a loving and bright future together. Thank you Bruce for your commitment to us, and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve and deepen their relationship.” – Joanne Murphy, New Zealand
“Going on our 36th year of marriage we signed up for your class more as a last resort than anything else. It gave us practical tools that have helped us immensely. Thanks, Bruce, for your class and for taking a personal interest in all of your students.” – Mike A, USA
“One of the hardest things I have ever done… I now have the freedom to grow in my relationships again both personal and professional. Thanks Bruce.” – Tye, USA
“Thanks to your program we are more connected.” – Billy Brown, USA
“We have reconnected on a level I never imagined and it’s truly magical. Thank you so much Bruce, we couldn’t be happier.” – Lorne Noble, U.K.
“I can see my partner for who he really is again, and have fallen even more in love with him (even though we did not do the program together, I did it on my own)!!” – Daisy Grodzki, Netherlands
“If you are thinking of leaving your partner or if things seem unbearable, hold off just 7 more weeks with an open mind and a willingness to resolve relationship issues once and for all.” – Jason Foote, Australia
“We are now MUCH more honest with each other, able to talk to each other about REAL things, have big, raw, emotional things come up, and have it bring us closer instead of farther apart.” – Nicole Jackson, USA
“Bruce, this is one of the most easy to understand programs for couples I can imagine finding. While my partner didn’t participate as much as I had expected, we still succeeded in bringing about much needed improvements in our relationship.” – Lyndel Maroske, USA
“I gave my husband an ultimatum – either figure out how to communicate better, or I’m moving out. We’ve seen two other therapists who couldn’t help us at all. After going through Love at First Fight, I think we are actually going to make it.” – Tessa Klein, USA
“Bruce, we are now more connected and committed than ever. A testimonial for you: If you need a port in a storm for a stormy relationship or a track to follow when you’ve lost your way with the love of your life, work with Bruce!”” – Chris Partington, USA
“I have started watching all your videos. It’s been an extraordinary experience. I am discovering myself and things are more calm in our relationship. Bruce, I have no words to express what a huge help you have been.” – Alexandre Abreu, Angola
“Bruce – I just had to reach out and thank you. An hour on the phone with you saved me years of conventional therapy. Thanks for turning the lights on for me!” – Craig Filek, USA
“We’re only in the second week of the program and we already feel more connected this past week than we have in years!” – Linda H, USA
“The trust has started to return and I can see a bright and happy future with my partner that I was starting to lose sight of.” – Kevin D, USA
“I loved the content of the program, and how amazing your knowledge is, so well researched and understanding of today’s world. Very reassuring.” – Tina Traill, South Africa
“Before this program I had low self esteem and was powerless in my relationships. Now I have clarity, my confidence has increased and my relationship with my son, friends and family are so much more fulfilling now.” – Caryn V, USA
“This course gave my boyfriend and I all the tools to navigate the fighting stage of our relationship. I couldn’t be more grateful.” – Mikaela Roach, USA
“I come away from this absolutely clear and confident I have the tools to turn around my marriage and have begun to see a change in my wife’s attitude towards me. My life will never be the same because of Bruce’s course.” – Dr. L.B., USA
“Bruce, you’re a great coach. I can communicate more effectively and stay calm in the heat of the moment. Thank you!” – Jing Zhou, Hawaii
“Although we still have a long way to go, we’re definitely loving and connected now. This is HUGE HUGE improvement from the pain we were both in just eight weeks ago. ” – Angel Lek, USA
“Without doubt, this is the most comprehensive and cost effectively investment you could ever make in your relationship. Bruce is not only an incredible teacher but has an incredible passion for what he does.” – Nick Patey, U.K.
“Bruce, your open and honest style of teaching/coaching and practical exercises that link current relationship theory and neuroscience was just what I needed.” – Vikki Brown, Canada
“Bruce’s work put us solidly on track to reach that state of bliss that so few couples acheive. It is never too late – never give up – no matter what your age, or past. Bruce’s work will work for you.” – David M, USA
“I highly recommend Bruce to anyone wanting to understand how to succeed in a fulfilling partnership of any kind. He is down to earth, creative and colorful. He makes you understand why you want a relationship in the first place!” – Dezana Aman, USA
“Before starting I was not sure if I made a good decision buying this program because I had found you on the internet and you could just be good at marketing. Turns out you are very good at marketing as well as an amazing relationship coach.” – Susie Rogers, China
“Bruce, your Love at First Fight curriculum was an eye opening and life changing experience”– Sylwia Weresniak, Spain
“We were not talking to one another before the course began and now we are. We are beginning to see one another and our relationship in a new way.”– Rhonda Darling, USA
“The Love at First Fight curriculum was by far the best help we could have gotten to bring more peace to our relationship.”– Lynette Bailey, USA
“Extremely informative, educational. A must for understanding conflict with your mate.”– Tim Erickson, USA
“This program is amazing.It has changed my view on relationships. I now understand what behaviours negatively impact my relationship and what to do to make my relationship better. Amazing. I really loved this course and was sad when it finished.”– Rebecca Mead, Australia
“This has helped me tremendously. You took me by the hand, lead and guided me to where I needed to be. I have freed myself in at such a deep level of my soul and spirit.”– Shoushan Zamanian, USA
“Seriously Bruce, you have blown my mind.
This has been the most incredibly eye-opening ah-ha information I’ve ever learned and the best thing I’ve done for myself and my relationship. Thank you!”– Asuka Naito, USA
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Choose The Best Relationship Coaching Package For You

Choose the Relationship Coaching package that best suits your needs and then click on the “Buy Now” button.

Silver Gold Platinum
Coaching period (renewable):  1 month 1 month 3 or 6 months
Total coaching sessions in package:  2 4 12
Rate per package:  $699 $1,299 3 x $1200/m