A Conversation With Trauma Therapist, Michelle Lee Weldon

reader, you may not know this, but approximately 65% of the population has experienced some kind of childhood trauma! If you’re on this program, the odds that trauma is impacting your relationship are very high.

In this fascinating interview, you’ll learn:

  1. How everyday childhood experiences can be traumatic…
  2. How trauma gets stored in our memory…
  3. Why you “lose your mind” when you percieve threat…
  4. How to work through and heal your trauma…

If you’re interested in working with Michelle, you can check out her website and book an initial free consultation with her. Tell her that I recommended you and she may treat you like royalty :-).

Alternatively, if you’d like to work with a Somatic Experiencing Therapist in person, you can find one in your area using this directory.

OPTIONAL BONUS MATERIAL: In this conversation I also mention the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) research. Once you’ve watched the interview, go and take your ACE test (it’s free) and then read about what your score means below the test.


  • AmandaKelly

    Yes definitely identified with a lot of what Michelle talked about. I do a lot of relaxation techniques and practise, I fear I am an echidna/ porcupine attachment type. ..
    I have a huge issue with excess weight around my middle, due to stored cortisol, I’m going to try the des stress shimmy….?
    I already use guided meditation, yoga, antigravity yoga, breathing, exercise, singing and self healing resource work…that makes me feel good, because I’ve already been healing for some years, however maybe I’ve been attracting partners that cannot help soothe me for the reasons you pointed to..yes Bruce I have very high EI too…based on my early childhood trauma. I might try the 30 minute appt with Michelle she seemed great. Thanks so much.