Relationship Repair Expert, Bruce Muzik

Hey there, I’m Bruce Muzik.

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself, and answer the question you’re probably already thinking: “Who is this so-called relationship repair expert and can he actually help me?”

If you’re anything like me, you also cringe reading someone’s ABOUT ME page written in 3rd person masquerading as some professionally written bio, but clearly written by themselves.

So, instead of boring you with “Bruce has done this and that and is so great… blah blah blah…” I thought I’d write something a little more personal.

At heart, I’m a romantic and have always been deeply fascinated with human behavior…

…particularly the bond that occurs between people in committed relationships.

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field.” – Niels Bohr, Danish physicist & Nobel prize winner.

By that definition, there’s no debating that I’m an expert! 🙂

You see, a long time ago, life led me down a path where I was forced to figure out how to make my romantic relationship work.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the woman I was seeing suddenly broke up with me – for the 4th time…

…and despite having helped more than 10000 people in my personal development seminars around the globe, when it came to love, I was clueless.

I’d grown emotionally exhausted from multiple heartbreaks and constantly feeling hurt, misunderstood and alone.

So, one day I made a vow to myself.

I vowed that I will not stop until I figure out how to build a stable, fulfilling, long-term loving relationship…

… a relationship that brings out the best in both of us.

… a relationship where we can be best friends as well as, passionate lovers.

I didn’t want ‘agony column’ advice, so I figured my best bet would be to turn to science for help.

I began studying scientific papers by couples researchers. I read all of their books.

Couples Institute Certification Seal

Over the years, I studied:

  • attachment theory,
  • relationship therapy,
  • developmental psychology,
  • evolutionary biology,
  • neuroscience,
  • personality theory…

Bruce Muzik is a RCI certified relationship coach for couples

…and anything else I thought might help me understand the dynamics of long-term committed partnership.

Then, I tracked down the best couples therapists in the world and spent thousands of dollars flying all over the globe to learn skills from them in person.

I even got certified as a relationship coach – more than once!

My Light Bulb Moment

I had a BIG “Aha!” moment when I discovered that within 2 years of falling in love, most relationships go though a Power Struggle stage.

During this tense time, both partners start feeling disconnected from each other and a feeling of constant tension creeps into the relationship.

Most couples don’t make it through the Power Struggle. They break up or stay stuck in it – not knowing what to do, not unhappy enough to leave, yet not fulfilled enough to be happy.

What I was learning about love astounded me, inspired me, made me feel normal and most importantly gave me hope that one day I’d build the kind of loving partnership where we built each other up, rather than tear each other down.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I had already met my future wife, but she was still dating a friend of mine.

In the middle of all this studying, I began testing out what I was learning with my friends.

Word spread that I knew a thing or two about relationships, so couples in my community began offering to buy me lunch in exchange for some marriage advice.

Hey, I’m not going to turn down a free lunch, so I said “Hell yes!”

After several of these lunches ended with the couple crying tears of joy in each other’s arms and telling me that I should consider working with couples professionally, a seed was planted.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Love At First Fight was born and within a few years, couples therapists were referring their toughest clients to me and asking me to train them in my method.

Now, I help more than 500 people every year to fix their marriage and relationship problems.

Fighting couple

So, what happened in my own love life?

After my heart had healed from the breakup, I began dating someone. I was sure that this was just a rebound relationship and ‘the one’ was waiting for me somewhere in my future.

As our Romance Stage drifted away and our Power Struggle stage began, we both had the choice to walk away or work through it together.

Our Power Struggle stage was brutal, but we stayed the course.

Using the tools I now teach, we earned our right to our unusually rewarding and (mostly) happy relationship.

To my amazement, after 4 years of dating I put a ring on her finger (perhaps the smartest choice I’ve ever made).

But not before she tested me and all the tools I had learned in ways I didn’t know were possible.

I have tears of gratitude in my eyes as I write this… and I want you to know that if you’re bickering, arguing, disconnected, angry, hurt…

…you too can turn your marriage or relationship into a love story with a happy ending.

It’s not my style to brag, but the fact is that I’m a really well-trained communicator, professional speaker and much sought after coach…

More than 3 million people have watched my TEDx presentation on YouTube…

Bruce Muzik leading a marriage seminar

One of my seminars.

…yet none of that experience prepared me for what lay ahead of me in the Power Struggle stage of that relationship.

Quite frankly, I don’t know how any regular person can be expected to survive it without having learned how to create emotional safety, resolve conflict and communicate in a way that deepens the bond between you.

The odds of living happily together are not stacked in our favor.

Nobody taught us this stuff at growing up, so many of us go through life falling in love only to get our hearts broken when our relationship (or marriage) hits rock bottom and doesn’t work out.

51% of marriages don’t survive the Power Struggle stage – not to mention the much higher percentage of unmarried couples that don’t make it.

I have now come to believe something that I think is very important:

If you don’t know how to:

  • communicate kindly about how you’re feeling without sparking a fight,
  • resolve your arguments and get on the same page
  • build a deep connection to each other
  • repair broken trust,
  • make your partner feel safe enough to open up,
  • inspire sexual desire, and
  • appreciate how you’re different…

…then you’re probably going to struggle when your relationship reaches the Power Struggle stage. You may wonder if you’ve chosen the right partner. After all, isn’t ‘true love’ supposed to be easy?

However, there is hope. When you learn how to connect deeply, communicate kindly, heal your old hurt and resolve those recurring fights, you will graduate from the Power Struggle stage into a more mature stage of love.

Why should you believe that I can help you?

As you have probably noticed, there are plenty of ‘gurus’ running around trying to convince you that they have all the answers.

Well, I’m not a guru… and have no interest in being one.

I’m a pretty regular guy, with an irregular passion for helping people like you have the relationship they dream of with the person they’re already with.

The question you may still be asking is “Why should I believe you can help me, Bruce?”

And my answer to you is that you SHOULDN’T just blindly believe me. You’re smarter than that.

Unlike other relationship experts, I recommend that you approach my relationship advice with a healthy skepticism, and from a results-only perspective.

I want you to use what you learn with me and surprise yourself with how quickly you feel the warmth and excitement between you returning – how easily you resolve arguments and how simple being happy together is when you know what’s really going on.

Otherwise, I’ll give you a full refund. I’m serious.

Like you, I’m not interested in wasting my time on things that don’t work. I like solutions that get results – fast. Only after you’ve seen that this stuff is REAL, do I want you to believe me.

~ Bruce Muzik (Founder of Love At First Fight)

P.S. I’m human too, so I have my flaws. But still, I know my programs for couples are the best in the world, and I stand behind them 100%. I pride myself on creating programs that are so useful, that you’d recommend them to your friends without thinking twice.

P.P.S. In case you’re interested, I don’t spend all my time studying psychology and working with couples. I’m also a passionate kite surfer, guitar player and motorcycle adventurer. I’m a step-dad to two amazing teenagers. You can watch my TEDx talk about my journey here.

"Our marriage is transforming right before our eyes!"

We’re only in our 3rd week, but this has already saved our marriage.“Bruce, I’m a communications expert myself (by profession), and you’ve just taught me how to listen!

Our marriage is transforming right before our eyes!

Thank you for sharing this invaluable information, you are a delight to work with, I love how you make it safe to share.

We’re only on Week 3, but I have to tell you, your program has saved our marriage.”

Pamela Cournoyer

"We have fallen back in love"

Verity and Lorne fell back in love again“I just wanted to write you an email and say how life changing this experience has been for us.

We were in a really rocky place…

“We have fallen back in love, we argue less, we’re more understanding and most importantly, we can see how to succeed for the long-term.

I wanted to find out if you had some kind of referral system so that I can put them in touch with you or send them a link to the next course?

Huge congratulations on producing such a fantastic curriculum, one that truly works.”

Verity Noble

“Love At First Fight called to us from the moment we heard about it. "

dale-burrell-60“Love At First Fight called to us from the moment we heard about it. Everyone said that relationships had to be worked at, but we still thought that after 11 years married things should be a bit easier.

The course exceeded expectations with great quality videos presenting new distinction after new distinction, well-designed exercises to translate the theory into practice and excellent coaching calls.

We gained immediate benefit within the first weeks as we discovered so many new facets of our relationship which we were unaware of.

And we gained tools which we can use any time we have the need. Thanks Bruce, much appreciated.”

Dale Burrell

"I feel secure now."

Alexa and her husband feel like a team now.“We’re truly overjoyed with how much more connected and powerful we are as both a team and couple because of Love at First Fight and your coaching.

I feel secure now. It’s been fantastic.
Thank you again, and we miss you.”

Alexa Clark

"countless books fell short.”

Jay and Mandi accomplished miracles in their marriage.“Bruce, you’ve accomplished miracles where marriage counseling, personal therapy, a seminar, and countless books fell short.”

Mandi Ellefson

"We are even happier than when we were first together.”

“Bruce, we are very impressed by the course. Your material is VERY helpful.

We learned some real tools that helped us to soften the tension and power struggles between us.

I feel way more supported and arguments seem to blow over because we feel like we’re both being heard, so we don’t have to raise the volume anymore, which is REALLY nice.

Now, we understand each other better every time we have a conflict.
We just keep learning about each other and evolving together. We are even happier than when we were first together.”

Gerry Thorpe

“I’m amazed at how deep our relationship has become"

Denise's relationship has deepened.“I’m amazed at how deep our relationship has become considering that we’re both 60 years old and and have only been together 3 months.

We are so very grateful for you fighting so hard for our success, it worked!”

Denise Olsen

"We’d both say ‘You’re not listening to me!'"

Michael feel heard in his marriage“In the past we’d both say ‘You’re not listening to me!

Now we find ourselves stopping, reflecting and getting clarity from each other.

Bruce, you’ve influenced us so much that we’ve referred you to family, relatives and friends.”

Michael Cournoyer

"We were stuck in a cycle of power struggles ..."

Anna now has very little conflict in her relationship“This program really has changed our relationship.

We were stuck in a cycle of power struggles and very independent, which meant we were not always kind or compassionate towards each other.

The fantastic videos, along with the excellent weekly exercises allowed us gently and genuinely to re look at ourselves and our relationship and to create a new way of being with each other, in only 7 weeks.

The weekly conference calls were a great addition too, with lots of lovely participants sharing from their hearts.

Since finishing the course, we have had very little conflict, and any conflict we have had has been resolved quickly and easily. We are kinder to each other, more loving and are experimenting with being more romantic too!

We now do fun things together on the weekend, instead of complaining that we don’t have anything in common! And we’ve just celebrated our 12th anniversary, so it was a wonderful anniversary gift to ourselves.”

Anna Burns

"I am married today because of my participation"

laura-tom-davis-60“This is an amazing, AMAZING, program!

The information presented here needs to be shared with everyone and anyone that is involved in any type of a relationship!

If two people are committed to working through the program, I cannot imagine how their marriage could fail!

So superior to any books I have read and tried to apply, and marriage counseling. I am married today because of my participation – thank you Bruce Muzik!”

Laura Davis